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SMSQL permissions


We are in the process of tryiong to get SMSQL running on Win2k8R2 + SQL 2k8.  Without much success I might add.

The difficulty we are hitting is getting the right user to run the SMSQL service. What we have should work (we believe) but doesn't.  We have a domain user XXXX\snapmanager, we have given this user local admin rights on the server, the service starts and runs fine.  We have put XXXX\snapmanager in the Administrators group on the filer.

When we run the SMSQL MMC plugin, we are asked to configure it. The page following entering the verification server should list the databases in the local instance of SQL, instead we get what appears to be a SQL ODBC error, the last line of which is "Login failed for user: XXXX\snapmanager.

I can login to the server and run SQL management studio using this user and have given the user all roles, we started just with sysadmin but have added all the rest to see if it would make any difference.

We have tried running the service under the Local Service account and that seems to work, we can at least run a backup except we then don't get to see any of the backups we have taken.  SnapDrive can see them but the MMC console can not.

We are running on OnTap 7.3.3, SnapDrive 6.2P1 and SMSQL5.0R1P2, any assistance from anyone who has SMSQL up and running on 2k8 would be appreciated.



The answer to this turned out to be rather simple, as they often are.

If one creates multiple MS-SQL instances on the server, ALL instances must grant the user being used by the SM-SQL services 'sa' privileges.


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