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SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 Migration with Snapmanager Extender Blob Storage (6 to 8)




we plan to upgrade our SharePoint 2007 Farm to SharePoint 2013 which is no big deal overall.


The only thing we have in mind is our Blob storage which is managed by the SnapManager extender (Version 6) automatically at the moment (2007 farm) for files < 256kb.


What is the actual best practice to migrate this blob to the new 2013 environment with a Database Migration scenario? (SharePoint 2007 Content DB´s --> Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 DB´s --> Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 DB´s and mount them as content databases)


We don´t have a clue yet, if we can just mount the "old" blob storage with the new Snapmanager (Version 😎 or if we also maybe can read-only mount the store for testing purpose.

I don´t even know, if "mount" is the correct term or if we have to revert the blob function and migrate the content databases including the merged blob and then have to redo the process in the 2013 environment with the new snapmanager?


Any suggestions or experiences are apreciated!


Thanks in advance.