Data Backup and Recovery

Single VM restore with XEN plugin


Hi community,

we have created a SC job witch backups about 50 VMs on a XEN Server connected to a NetApp via NFS.

Now my question ist, what does the "Actions" -> "Restore" Button in the SC gui?

Does it restore the whole storage repository in XEN (snaprestore of the flexvol?), only the VMs configured the the backup job (via single file snaprestore or ndmpcopy?) and how can I restore individual VMs?

Can anyone tell me a little bit more?

Thanks Bruno



Hello Bruno,

From the IAG for 3.6.0

(Same will be the case for 4.0)

Citrix Xen plug-in

Snap Creator supports the backup and restore of Citrix Xen virtual machines by using the Xen plug-

in. The Xen plug-in supports XenServer 5.6 and 6.0.

The Xen plug-in supports Windows and XenServer.

You should consider the following when you use the Xen plug-in:

For NFS, both Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode and Data ONTAP operating in Cluster-Mode

are supported.

• For SAN, both Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode and Data ONTAP operating in Cluster-Mode

are not supported.

• Raw device mapping is not supported.

• Volume restore is not supported, only application-defined restore operations are supported.

• The deleted virtual machines can be restored.

• Xen Host can be used as a Snap Creator Agent. You should not use Xen Host as a Snap Creator


• The SC_AGENT_TIMEOUT value should me more than the default value. You should set the

value to 600 or higher

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