Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCenter 1.1, SnapVault Backup Removal, and Oracle Restore


I'm working on getting SnapCenter up and running backing up my Oracle 12c database and have a couple issues / questions.


First, backups (w/ replication to SnapVault secondary), verify's, mounting backups, and cloning backups all work well.


My primary filer is an AFF8040 and the SnapVault secondary is a FAS2554, both running CDOT 8.3.1.  My Oracle 12c database is configured as a container database with two PDB's.


My first question is about clearing out old backups listed in the restore wizard from the secondary (SnapVault) unit.  The protection policy on CDOT has removed a bunch of backups (as intended) but when I go to restore a backup (and select secondary), they still show up in the list (clicking on one doesn't show the restore options as it no longer exists).  Is there a way to clean up the list of secondary backups?  I tried refreshing resources but that didn't seem to do it.


My second question is more of an issue.  When trying to perform a restore it fails immediately.  The error I get is:


"Failed to find Host 'oracle-mjh'Please make sure that managed host name is specfied or try with a fully qualified name".


I did specify the FQDN in the host configuration, and all systems are able to resolve it by the hostname alone.  Like I said above, backups, verifies, mounts and clones all work perfectly.  I'm only having issue doing a restore.  NetApp support is trying to help me with the issue but they haven't figured anything out yet so I figured I'd see if anyone else had the same problem and figured it out.


Thanks in advance!







I figured out how to clean up snapvault backups that no longer exist.  Incase anyone else comes looking for the thing I'll post it here.


Using the Linux CLI this is the command (I assume Windows is similar)


/opt/NetApp/snapcenter/spl/bin/sccli Remove-SmBackup -CleanupSecondaryBackups






Let me help you with the second issue :


 Can you confirm if you are using ORACLE RAC ?

 If so, Please check the preferred Nodes are configured .



1. Let me know under which sub-process the restoreJOB started failing -  job details ?


2. Please share the logs to support :


 /var/opt/snapcenter/spl/logs  .. check for spl<jobid>.log 


 Can you copy/paste the errors here .


3. Do you use ASM - If so , is it ASMLIB configuration or udev rules ?


4. How is your storage devices configured on your server :


     1. Do you have multi-pathing enabled

     2. Do you have  User-defined Multi-path aliases 

     3. Udev rules?