Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCenter - Backuping up CIFS Shares




We are migrating from Snap Creator Framework to SnapCenter.


In snapcreator framework we were able to take snapshots of CIFS volumes (on a Netapp Cluster) and trigger snapmirror to our DR site. 

Is this also possible with SnapCenter ? 







i would try our community supported Storage plug-in:


Storage Plugin for SnapCenter is now available for download in the Automation Store: 


SnapCenter Plugin for Storage will enable SnapCenter admins to perform Backup, Restore and Clone of data volume on ONTAP storage using Custom Plugin framework built into SnapCenter. 


Few Benefits of the Plugin.


       User can take consistency group snapshots of storage volumes across ONTAP clusters.

       Users can leverage pre and post Scripting framework to backup custom applications

       Users can update snapshots taken on the primary to an ONTAP secondary leveraging the existing replication relationship

(SnapVault/SnapMirror/Unified Replication), using a SnapCenter Policy. The ONTAP primary and secondary can be ONTAP FAS/AFF/Select or ONTAP Cloud


Backup scope can be an ONTAP Volume, LUN or a Qtree. Recovery Scope can be a complete volume, LUN or files . For recovery user needs to provide the respective file path manually as there is no Live browse or Indexing built into the product. Qtree/Directory restore is not supported but we can clone and export Qtree alone if the backup scope is defined at a Qtree level. 


Plugin does not support backup to AltaVault.


For information on Install and configuration of custom plugins refer to NetApp SnapCenter Administrator guide.







We tried the storage plugin but ended with not able to install the plugin. The error is (see attacment):

     Execute process failed. Machinename: <servername>, Error message "Process timed out and was killed on server: <sservername>", Stack trace at RemoteMSI.ProcessWMI.ExecuteRemoteProcessWMI(ManagementScope m_WorkingNamespace, String remoteComputerName, String arguments, Int32 WaitTimePerCommand)

There is little to no documentation on this plugin.

As this is a community plugin, there is NO support from Netapp.


So this is not an option.






I'm facing exactly the same issue. When migrating from Snapcreator Framework to Snapcenter I don't find an option to manage local snapshots + snapvault updates centrally.
Is there any other solution?



Unfortunally, snapcenter is not a drop-in replacement for snap creator framework. I hope the missing features will be added in a future version of snapcenter. Missing features like snapshot of a volume on a cifs svm, the option to have fixed named snapshot e.g. "<prefix>-daily_recent", ...




Check out Cleondris CDM ( for Indexing/Search/Restore files and Directories aka "Catalog" for ONTAP NAS Volumes. CDM also has its own scheduler which can create snapshots and replicate snapshots to ONTAP Secondary (or you can use ONTAP Scheduler).