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SnapCenter Plug-in for vSphere Connection timed out




After upgrade vCenter 7.0 update 3, SnapCenter Plug-in for vSphere did not work in vCenter web client as below.


- SCV upgrade 4.5 > 4.6 > 4.7, vSphere web client 6.7 open SnapCenter Plug-in for vSphere no problem


- after vCenter 6.7 upgrade to 7.0.3, SnapCenter Plug-in for vSphere click the warning jobs or Edit Storage System Failed or Update Resource Group fail with "VI SDK invoke connectexception:connection timed out"


- SCV 4.7 upgrade to 4.7P1 same problem


- the backup job should be no problem when review SCV backup job log and the netapp controller snapshot list the SCV backup log naming snapshot


Refer SCV 4.8 or 4.9, in VMware vCenter 7.0.3 versions and higher, the OVA signed by the Entrust certificate is no longer trusted and require install ceritifcates in vCenter


Is SCV 4.7 also require install certificate in VMware vCenter 7.0.3? But SCV 4.7 link did not mention


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Try raising a ticket with netapp support. Found this kb, it may not be your issue but check it out.

Question : Is the vCenter server part of the same Resource Group as other VMs ? b'cos SCV could loose connection to vCenter (possibly because of a snapshot being taken of the vCenter VM). Have a separate RG with different schedule for vCenter VM. Good luck.