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SnapCenter SQL Plug In Backup Type




I am just testing the SnapCenter SQL Plug-In and preparing to migrate from SnapManager for SQL. The link below describes the three backup types, however to me the documentation doesn't really clarify what they mean practically speaking.


I want to replicate what we do in SnapManager which is a full nightly backup and tlog backups every 15 minutes. My guess is that I should schedule a nightly Full backup and log backup (to get a full + tlog) and then a Transaction log backup every 15 minutes. From what I can tell, the tlog backup job doesn't have a retention setting. Does it look at the Full backup and log backup job for the retention?


Also: is the simplest way to do this to make the SQL instance the lone resource of a resource group, and then apply both backup types to the resource group?


Lastly, I would assume that Full database backup is simply a full backup without a tlog backup. However, the description in the link below seems to indicate it is actually a system database backup only. If that is accurate, would I then schedule this type of backup separately?


Would love any feedback or assistance on this as I find the options very confusing.



FYI for anyone who finds this topic, apparently documentation was just poorly worded. Full + Log and a separate Log job are exactly what we needed. The Full is simply a full backup without tlog backups.


Found your post.  Thanks!  We had the same question about the "Log Backup" option and the absence of the word "Truncate" in the documentation.


Log snapshot retention is possible via PS cmdlet



Set-SmPolicy -PolicyName 'logbkup' -PolicyType Backup -Description 'Log backup Policy' -retentionsettings @{"BackupType"="LOG_SNAPSHOT";"RetentionCount"="3"} -PluginPolicyType "SCSQL" -sqlbackuptype 'logbackup' -CreateLogFolderSnapshot



Set-SmPolicy -PolicyName 'policy' -PolicyType Backup -PluginPolicyType "SCSQL" -DeleteLogFolderSnapshotInExcess 2 -sqlbackuptype 'fullbackupandlogbackup'


Please see


Thanks @mrahul . Regarding the bug you linked to, is this still an issue? When I set up policies, my understanding was that log backups get set in the main backup policy, and I set them to 1 day there. We did testing awhile back but I didn't specifically test retention, so I don't know if that setting works or not. If not, good to know there's an alternative approach.