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SnapCenter SQL Plugin and Scheduling


Hi, I'm having problems configuring our transaction log backups as I would like to.


We run our transaction log backups every 3 hours between 4AM and 7PM (every 3 hours), when i am trying to configure the job in SnapCenter via an "Hourly" policy with a repeat of "every 3 hours" there doesn't appear to be an option to choose between which hours I would like to run the job. The job is created with a default of 00:00 > 23:59:59 when I would like to specify 4:00 > 19:00.


I've tried to get around this by editing the schedule in SQL Management Studio but SnapCenter creates the backup with a schedule of every 180 Minutes, this causes SSMS to error because the max value in Minutes in SQL is 100 therefore 180 is not a valid value.


Our support company suggested this is the correct behaviour and we should be using a poily for each run, i.e. one policy for 4AM, one policy for 7AM etc etc, this seems the opposite of what policies should be used for? With this method I would be going from 3 jobs per server (Weekly Full, Daily Full, TRN) to 1 Resource Group with 7 Policies applied (Weekly Full, Daily Full, TRN for 4AM, 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM).


Does anybody know of a way to do this or know if this functionality is on the road map at all?









i i've correctly understood your problem i think the solution can be to create the schedule (or better, SET the schedule) via powershell.

in this way you can select the start time, the end time and add also the parameter to repeat the task every time you whish


here an example (marked in yelloy the part when you can specify a time different from 1 hour..)




Hi, thanks for looking in to this! Never thought to consider the PowerShell approach for this.


I will investigate further using the EndTime option and see if this will allow me to do what I need (hopefully by EndTime it doesn't mean expiration).


It will be interesting to see what happens when editing the job in the GUI and see if it then alters the EndTime after setting it in PowerShell. It would be a shame if you had to again set the schedule via PowerShell if for example you edited the Resource Group to add a new database which would then set the schedule as per the GUI display. Hopefully the EndTime option could be added to the GUI in a future release.


I will report back my findings.


Thanks again.