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Hello guys,

Let me try to explain my case, I'm use SnapCreator 4.3P1 with Sybase plugin to backup Sybase database, currently I'm able to backup a Sybase databases  'master', 'model' and 'PP1' (PP1 is our SAP database).


The question is, there is a way to backup all SAP data bases including 'saptools', 'sybsystemdb', 'sybsystemprocs', and 'sybmgmtdb'?


At the end I wold like backup

'master', 'model', 'PP1', 'saptools', 'sybsystemdb', 'sybsystemprocs', and 'sybmgmtdb' at the same time

Maybe a parameter that need to add in the custom values or a scritp in the policy definition
Thanks in advanced for your time 






1. Log on to SAP ASE as user sapsa and quiesce all non-temporary databases. Example:

To quiesce databases 'master', 'model', '<DBSID>', 'saptools', 'sybsystemdb', 'sybsystemprocs', and 'sybmgmtdb', use the following SQL text:
quiesce database all_tag hold master, model, <DBSID>, saptools, sybsystemdb, sybsystemprocs,

sybmgmtdb for external dump go

Replace <DBSID> in the above text with the name of your SAP database. Place the above SQL text in a file called quiesce_all.sql.
Call it in isql as follows:
isql -S<DBSID> -Usapsa -P< PASSWD> -w1024 -b --retserverror -i quiesce_all.sql

When the call is executed using the option --retserverror, the return value of isql is 2 if a severe SQL error is returned (0, if successful).
You can use the return code of isql to determine the success of the quiesce command.

     In the SAP ASE error log you should see a message similar to the one below:

00:0002:00000:00024:2013/05/08 10:08:51.63 server QUIESCE DATABASE command with tag all_tag is being executed by process 24.
00:0002:00000:00023:2013/05/08 10:08:51.80 server Process 24 successfully executed QUIESCE DATABASE with HOLD option for tag all_tag. Processes trying to issue IO operation on the quiesced database(s) will be suspended until user executes Quiesce Database command with RELEASE option.

  2. Perform the external backup command to get a consistent snapshot of all the
     relevant file systems once the quiesce command has been executed




a clarification is SnapCenter


Hi Mike,


may I ask you about the configuration details of your Sybase resource? Is this of type "Database" or of type "Instance"? I assume it's of type "Database", but please let me know.


The Sybase ASE plugin quiesces and un-quiesces the identified/specified database sequentially - it does not execute a single quiesce database <tagname> hold <list of database names> command.  There's no flag/configuration setting to change this behaviour. 

At the end, you nevertheless got all the databases quiesced before the snapshot/s on the configured volumes is/are taken, and un-quiesced afterwards. Would this meet your expectations?