Data Backup and Recovery

SnapCreator DB2 9,7 plugin data, logs and simultaneous backup



There the platform follows:

  SAP -> DB2 9.7 -> HP-UX -> SnapCreator 3.5


I have no SnapDrive, only SC.

I need help with these questions:


1 - SC db2 with plugin, you must write suspend with CG for the volumes of data, activelog, and archivelog?

2 - SC does not generate two tasks at once. I can generate a simultaneous backup to two environments?

3 - ACS can be implemented on this architecture?

I hope you can help me



Sorry, its hard to understand what exactly you are looking for.

1. Yes, as "write suspend" is a dead stop of I/O. SC with CG (does the fencing of volumes during snap operation), will ensure snapshot gets done within seven seconds or timeout and put the database into a normal state. At the end it depends upon how busy the database is.

2. You can run more than 3 jobs just scheduler will only allow 3 active jobs

3. The Application piece is usually unique and there is no Code in Snap Creator to specifically handle Application Consistency, instead there is a framework where you can Integrate Application Consistency (Backup) scripts/modules into Snap Creator. Snap Creator does not handle directly talking to applications such as Oracle to achieve application consistency, instead you can instruct Snap Creator to call a application backup script. These scripts are called modules. Most applications should be quiesced before a snapshot is taken to ensure the snapshot taken is consistent with the application itself.

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1 - SC db2 with plugin, you must write suspend with CG for the volumes of data, activelog, and archivelog?

If you would like to keep archive log in the same backup flow you could do that, DB2 doesn't require "write suspend" enabled during the snap of archive log. I do have customers running archive log snaps separately, outside of snap creator or thru snap creator without including other volumes, with the frequency depending on your SLA's.

2 - SC does not generate two tasks at once. I can generate a simultaneous backup to two environments?

Could you elaborate?

3 - ACS can be implemented on this architecture?

DB2 ACS has limitation - please have a look at the TR -

Also we have another TR which talks about different use-cases when you have NetApp as the underlying storage array -

In addition, SC will have the integration with other NetApp features like SnapMirror, SnapVault and so on.


Bobby Oommen



first thank Ravi and Bobby for answering my question.


1 - From what you tell me and what I read in the TR, then it is recommended?:

        data volumes: db2 plugin with WR and CG

        Active log: db2 plugin with WS and CG

        Archive log: CG

    if so, then it would have to make two configuration files:

       "Config_Full": -> Active data and log volumes -> db2 plugin with WS and CG

       "Config_Archivelog": -> Archive log -> only CG

The frequency depends on the requirements of the customer.

2 - the client asked to perform processes consistent snapshot for 2 db simultaneously (PRD y CRM). The idea is that both machines have a same Point In Time for restore purposes. As I can do with snapcreator?

3 -

I'm still reading the TR to see if you can implement ACS, instead of Snapcreator My native language is Spanish, so go slow in reading. As I read so far, is only licensing?

The platform is the following:

sapBI --> DB2 9.7 --> HP-UX 11.31 -->      |                                                                                              -  SnapMirror - Disaster Recovery

sapXI --> DB2 9.7 --> HP-UX 11.31 -->      |      FlexVols NetApp V3270/HA    --> SnapCreator 3.5.0     -->                   V3240/HA

sapCRM --> DB2 9.7 --> HP-UX 11.31 --> |            Data OnTap 8.0.2                                                         - SnapVault

sapPRD --> DB2 9.7 --> HP-UX 11.31 -->  |                                                                                                 V3210



1) Not sure what you mean by WR and WS - is it "write resume" , "write suspend"

SC (Snap Creator) config1 - db2data_volume,db2log_volume [ Will use DB2 plug-in for consistency ]

SC (Snap Creator) config2 - db2arch_volume [ no DB2 plug-in, so you can skip APP_NAME ]

2. To get the snaps for PRD and CRM in the same workflow, I would do something like this.



And catalog the CRM database on PRD server, that way both db's gets put into a "write suspend" state at the same time.

For recovery we might have to setup a ssh key ring to do the FS re-mounts, I wouldn't worry about backup as FS buffers are not used and caching is set off at the tablespace level.

3. One thing I missed in the earlier note is - There is no HPUX support for ACS.




Hi Bobby, thank you very much for your answers.

1) That's right, what I meant is WS "write suspend".

-  I must enable Consistency Group (NTAP_CONSISTENCY_GROUP_SNAPSHOT = Y) in SC (Snap Creator) config2 for archive log, but without db2 plugin (WS)?


- the path commands for DB2_CMD parameter must be the same for both DB?

- How I could set scAgent? from what I've seen in the configuration file, I can not add a second IP in the parameter SC_AGENT





1. Yes - please - No db2 plug-in and CG=Y

2. You will have to catalog the 2nd DB2 database on the server you have the scagent running. From a same config file - you cannot run 2 agents.