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SnapDrive 6.3.1R1 integration into VSC 2.1.1


I am having some issues integrating SnapDrive 6.3.1R1  into VSC 2.1.1.

We are using ESX 4.0 update 1 and ONTAP 8.0.1P3 (7-Mode) within our environment

All the components of VSC work perfectly, so I was happy to start installing SnapDrive on our virtual machine. The installation runs through smoothly and SnapDrive picks up the client is a Virtual Machine but when I configure SnapDrive to integrate into V-Center / ESX server via the GUI the following message appears:

Error : Invalid VirtualCenter or ESX Server IP address / Name, VirtualMachine <HOSTNAME>

is not part of <IP Address> VirtualCenter or ESX Server.

Please enter correct VirtualCenter or ESX Server IP Address or Host Name

The operation completed successfully.

Our target configuration is to use SMSQL 5.1 to backup SQL server running on VMFS datastores presented over FC but before I can intall SnapManager I need to ensure that SnapDrive is able to talk to V-Center / VSC and control the vmdk's

Does anyone have this configuration working within their environment ?

How can I test that SnapDrive on the Virtual Machine is able to talk to Virtual Center / VSC / SMVI and can control the vmdk's which have been created in a seperate datastore to match the requirements of SMSQL before I install SnapManager for SQL on the virtual machine ? If this was a physical server I would have either connected or created the physical LUN and I would be able to see this in SnapDrive, does anyone know how SnapDrive 6.3.1R1 displays the vmdk's

I've checked within SnapDrive and the host has been correctly identified as an ESX virtual machine, is it recommended to create new vmdk files now that all the products are installed or should it pickup my existing vmdk's ?

The solution I am looking to replicate is within TR-3785 on page 19

I have read through the following link who had a similar problem but we are not using Vapp on our test ESX server so the resolution did not apply

Also another person posted a similiar issues when the Guest OS is Windows 2003

Any help or advice on this issue would be gratefully received.



Did you follow the steps in this KB article:

How to integrate SnapDrive for Windows with Virtual Storage Console

This article will walk you through all the steps to integrate SDW and VSC. If you are still having problems after stepping through these steps, please let us know.