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SnapDrive Service Hung on Startup


I have SnapDrive 6.5 installed on a Windows 2008 R2 x64 with SnapManager for SQL 5.2 installed.

I get this error "The SnapDrive service hung on starting" in my System Log on bootup. It does not seem to impact anything except the length of time it takes for my server completes the boot process.

SQL Server and databases stored on my LUN work just fine. Eventually the service does start after 17 other services start.

Are there other services SnapDrive depends on? Right now I have Virtual Drive Services, but I wonder if it depends on anything in this list:

- The Network List Service

- Windows Time Service

- Volume Shadow Copy Service

There are other services like Remote Desktop Services, but I can guess they are not related.

Any ideas?

- Elan



Hi Elan,

There are several things that might effect the Snapdrive service startup, it also depends on how many luns that snapdrive have to retrieve to its snap in. There are several hot fixes that were suggested for snapdrive to successfully run. Please use the interoperability matrix tool, apart from that the work around I have introduced is to run snapdrive service to start using a local account.  This local account needs to have administrative rights .Create same local user account (admin role) on the filer with same password . Uninstall and reinstall the snapdrive service under this local user account afterwards. This might address the issue with the  service being hung upon the server startup.

Best Regards,




Pls try to disable certificate revocation (You have do this setting with your snapdrive Service Account --> Internetexplorer runAs <snapdriveuser>)



I had the same problem and this action was also working for me.



We had the same issue and opened a case at netapp. We had to remove MS patch KB2729452 and the issue was solved.

Hope it helps you too.


We've switched SD service startup type from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed) and the problem was gone.


Hi Guys,

have (had) the same issue.

Windows 2008 R2 (fully patched)
Host Utilities 6.0.2

MPIO 4.0.1
SD 7.0.1 (same issue with 6.5)

"The SnapDrive service hung on startup" --> Error 7022

The solutions above didn't work for me.

Changed the service "WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service" from "Manual" to "Automatic".

Now our server starts in a normal time-frame...

Edit: Did also disable the certificate revocation. See instruction from Thomas above...

Hope this helps...