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SnapDrive on HPUX fails


I’m trying to get snapdrive working a HPUX  11.31 Itanium.  I using  running SnapDrive 4.1.1 and fcp host utilities 4.3.   I have other luns on this host to the  same filer  not though SnapDrive working  working fine.   I am using ALUA as the multipathing and I did  enable it ALUA on the igroup.

I also sent the multipathing in the SnapDrive.conf as PVLINKS is this correct?

uxwpeng8:/opt/NetApp/snapdrive# snapdrive storage create -lun -lunsize 10m

        LUN ... created

        mapping new lun(s) ... done
        discovering new lun(s) ... *failed*

        Cleaning up ...
         - LUN ... deleted

0001-476 Admin error: Unable to discover the device associated with  If multipathing in use, there may be a possible multipathing configuration error.
Please verify the configuration and then retry

sanlun lun show -p

uswsnssan1b:/vol/oradb2/lun36 (LUN 31)
Agile Filename: /dev/rdisk/disk204     
  17.0g (18254659584)    lun state: GOOD
Filer_CF_State: Cluster Enabled  Filer Partner: uswsnssan1a
Multipath_Policy: None
Multipath_Provider: None
-------- --------- -------------------- ------ ------- --------
host     filer                                 primary partner
path     path                  /dev/dsk host   filer   filer  
state    type                  filename HBA    port    port   
-------- --------- -------------------- ------ ------- --------
up       primary       /dev/dsk/c23t3d7 td0    0a            
up       primary       /dev/dsk/c21t3d7 td1    0b            
up       secondary     /dev/dsk/c25t3d7 td2            0b    
up       secondary     /dev/dsk/c27t3d7 td3            0a    



Add the filer systemname to the /etc/hosts file, i believe the sanlun returns the system name and SDU is not able to map the IP with the system name.