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SnapMirror update inconsitency (SC3.5)


Dear all, i`m using SnapCreator to backup Oracle databases. The following steps will be done in case of an snapmirror update using SC: 1. start backup mode of the db 2. create a local snapshot on the online storage (snapmirror source) 3. end backup mode of the db 4. start snapmirror update I recognized, that the snapshot created in step 2 is NOT used as the basis for the snapmirror update. The snapmirror update creates a temporary snapshot by itself. So i have the problem, that on the snapmirror source there`s a consistent snapshot (with set begin backup mode) available, but not on the snapmirror destination. Do you know how to fix this? Are there any changes planned or implemented in version 4? Regards Ralph



Hi Ralph,

I think you are confusing volume snapmirror with qtree snapmirror.

You should be doing a volume snapmirror, if you do this then all snapshots on primary exists on secondary after update, meaning the consistent snapshot you just took. SC does not really support qtree snapmirror, you can do it but SC wont manage secondary snapshots. SC supports snapvault which is qtree snapmirror essentially so if you want different snapshots to be maintained on primary and secondary use snapvault, otherwise use volume snapmirror.

Make sure this option is set NTAP_SNAPMIRROR_USE_SNAPSHOT=N this will ensure SC does a volume snapmirror.