Data Backup and Recovery

SnapProtect and a physical server with MSL2024 attached



Can you help the request below from one of my Partners?

"I have an issue with an upgrade we’re proposing, as usual its pretty pressing because if we can’t solve this on Monday then apparently EMC will  and we’ll lose a customer.

The customer has a FAS2040 with a FC attached HP MSL 2024 and is using Symantec BE NDMP agent to backup to tape.

I want to replace this with a FAS2220 and SnapProtect but because NetApp in their infinite wisdom have removed the FC capability on the FAS2220 I am struggling to see how to configure the FAS2220 with the MSL2024?  The customer paid about £12k for the tape library not so long ago so replacing it is not an option.  The only thing I can think of if potentially attaching the MSL2024 to a physical server and using this as a proxy but the SnapProtect documentation is very weak on the NetApp website and doesn’t discuss this as an option.

I can’t be the only person scratching my head over this so I am hoping there is an answer that either you or one of you NetApp contacts might be able to give me? "

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I'm glad its not just me that thinks the documentation for SnapProtect is weak! And thats putting it kindly!

NetApp should show Commvault one of their many strengths and get one of your talented engineers to get the NetApp piece of their product properly documented into a TR.with examples and scenarios which actually make sense to someone that isn't plugged into the matrix!