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SnapProtect question: sequential backup jobs to tape


Hi all,

each storage poilcy creates a job to backup on tape.

I can set start time individually for each job, and there is a window how long the job tries to start (120 minutes by default, set by regkey schedWindow).

If preceeding job hasn't finished within the window it will cancel.

Question: Can I set jobs to sequential mode?



Hi all,

I'm trying to find the answer to this question too.

If anybody knows the answer, please post here.




The standard way to control this type of situation is to schedule tape copy jobs as you like and have the SnapProtect job controller queue up jobs if they do not have tape resources to run at that time. 

Those subsequent jobs should go into a waiting (Queued) state and begin when the tape drive becomes available.  Jobs should not fail if there is a  previous job is still running. 

Hope this answers your question.


Thanks a million!


Hi Neils,

the window how long the following job tries to start is set in registry key schedWindow (120 minutes by default).

If your estimation of the preceeding job was wrong and it takes more than 120 minutes the following job will fail.

I would like to see something like a checkbox "please queue after job xyz". I couldn't find that option.