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SnapProtect - unable to restore NDMP data to Linux client


Hello all,


I am unable to redirect an NDMP restore to a Linux client, whereas the same restore works when using a Windows client as destination.

There is one commcell server with directly connected tape library, SnapProtect is v10 R2 with latest SP, backup source is a Clustered ONTAP 8.3 4-node FAS2552.

Backup is working fine and I can restore data to the original location, to a windows client, but it does not work with Linux client as destination.

I am unable to isolate the error, so I would appretiate any help analysing the logs. I have attached logs of a successfull restore to windows and a failed restore to linux.


The reason why I have to restore to Linux is that it is taking too long to restore to original location. One 100GB file restore takes 3.5h, whereas the complete volume with 1.5TB backs up in 2.5h. Restore of the same file to a windows client takes 20min. 


Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.