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SnapVault destination larger than source


I am currently using snapvault to backup volumes offsite. I have dedupe enabled on both source and destination volumes and I can see that dedupe is running after the snapvault transfer. I have a 1TB volume as the source that has both hourly and daily snapvault snapshots inside of it using about 66% of the volume. I am transferring just the daily snapvaults to the destination which is also the same size and that volume is 94% used. I do not have the default snapshots turned on, nor do I have a fractional reserve or snap reserve on the destination.


Anyone have any ideas why the destination is using so much more than the source? These are CIFS volumes. 


Thank you in advance. 



Sounds like 7-Mode since dedup runs again right after update.  The process in 7-Mode will run dedup, then delete and recreate the snapshot to reclaim the space since snapshots do not dedup.  I am wondering if a legacy snapshot was not deleted. In the snap list output of source and target, do any snapshots standout much larger on the target?


On the destination, there is one snapshot that stands out more than all the others. I currently have 12 dailes on the destination. The snapshot labeled sv_daily.7 is 310 GB while all other snapshots are under 800MB. On the source there is nothign glaring at all. The largest snapshot is 7GB.  There are 3 or 4 others that are a couple GB and the rest a few hundred MB.