Data Backup and Recovery

Snapcenter and Vmware question


Recently just installed snapcenter on a new vmware 6.7 poc environment.

I was able to get the VSC appliance up and running and get databroker to work to discover the vmware environment.


However once i have done that nothing actually shows in resources in Snapcenter to be able to view the vmware backups.


Is there something else I have to do to get this data visible?

The resource page only has a drop down for file systems and Ms SQL, i would expect to see a vmware one there?


Ty for assistance in advance





SnapCenter and DataBroker are different things. 

The Databroker handles the ESX backup. If you don't do backups of application that are in ESX, you don't need to register the Databroker in SnapCenter.


You need to create the backup jobs by yourself. It's not automatic.


Vmware Backups are handled directly from vsphere webclient. In the webclient you will see a plugin called snapcenter plugin for vmware.

from here you can add storage,create policy and resource groups, backup,restore.