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Snapcenter cannot add hosts behind NAT


Hi there


Trying to add hosts that are behind a NAT IP translation and on an untrusted domain to snapcenter. after much digging it looks like the process uses WMI calls and the underlying DCOM to enumerate the host and then cannot access the host when it returns info with a local rather than Nat'd IP. error returned in logs is

The object Exporter specified was not found (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070776)

Connection failed. Error: failed to find host (xx.xx.xx.xx) ...  

End Checking for host connection


This article - suggests this is an issue with DCOM


Note on the target host I can see the server has called the plug-ins and retrieved the information required so we know comms paths are in place, but something in the process is stopping the add host completing.


I get the same results from the GUI and PS Add-SMHost commandlet.


Can you please confirm if Snapcenter has been tested and can support the use of plug-in hosts behind a NAT firewall?


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The port requirements is listed in the below link, so you want to make sure your NAT firewall can process and pass the communication between snapcenter server and the host where plugin is being installed:




hi there thank you for the response


This is not a port/firewall issue, as mentioned traffic is being routed correctly 


It appears theat Snapcenter uses WMI to collect host data and enumerate the host NICs and is therefore returned the list of the host NICs  local IP addresses. Snapcenter then tries to communicate with these, but because they are hidden behind a NAT it cannot and so the add host function fails. 


I have proved this now by removing the NAT to the HOST IPs and it all work so as said not a firewall ports issue


Has this kind of setup been tested by Netapp and is it supported, as mentioned this may be a limitation of the underlying technologies used.





Thanks for your response. As far as NAT and Snapcenter it has not been tested. I know that with cluster peering for snapmirror relationship using a NAT is not supported.

I would recommend reaching out to your account team and request to have the requested configuration with NAT to be tested and verify if it will supported.