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Snapdrive RPC transport protocol "encrypted"?



IHAC that is planning to use Snapdrive with multistore. According to the snapdrive documentation HTTPS is not a transport option when dealing with vfilers.

Customer wouldn't like to use HTTP for security reasons, since user/password would travel in "clear text" through the network.

It seems that the only option left is using RPC as the transport protocol. We will have to use pass-through authentication since in most cases there is no active directory available. In such case: would the password for the snapdrive host account still have to travel accross the network in "clear text"? does the RPC protocol implement any kind of encryption?

Thanks in advance.





Unfortunately https isn't supported due to a vfiler limitation.  There has been some discussions about adding ssl support internally but not sure about the details of this as this is a storage core function.  Without the SSL I'm afraid there won't be any encryption options available.

There is a feature of vfiler tunneling which I read about but having difficulty finding more info about this but don't think this will work in this case for Snapdrive.