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Snap Creator plugins how-to and OPM integration


Hi all, I've some questions about plugins..

There's any documentation on how to create a plugin? I've read that they can be created in perl like perl modules how it works? any examples?

There's any available plugins? I've saw in the presentation that there's a VIBE plugin somewhere but i was not able to find it...

There's any planned plugin for existing SnapManager product? It will be nice to be able to have a single console to schedule/manage any snapshot/mirror/clone of the entire storage.

Any information on how the operation Manager Integration works and how it works? I've configured it and from the backup logs snap creator say that he sent an information event but I'm not able to find it in opmanager event lists (I'm using 4.0.1).

Thanks for the really good product

A suggestion regarding the oracle plugin, it would be nice to have an oracle offline backup plugin option that will bring down the database, do the snapshot, bring the database up again.




Doc on how to create a plug-in is TR3890 (see below link).

There will be a plug-in available for VMWare (not out yet) - it's demo purpose only at this point.    ONe of our architects have been able to demonstrated running Snap Creator Framework w/ SnapManager without a need for a plug-in.   But we are planning on having plug-ins to drive SME/SMSQL with SnapVault.  There is a scheduler for v3.3 (downloadable from the NetApp Support site - formerly known as NOW site).

If you are NetApp internal or partners, many material are available on our field portal and

Michelle Nguyen

Prod Mgr for Snap Creator


Hello Michelle,

Could the SnapManager for SQL/Exchange plug-in's already be downloaded? I saw the demo with SnapManager for SQL and that is exactly what I need (scripting is one hell of a job).

I'm working at a NetApp partner.


Eelco Driel