Data Backup and Recovery

Use DPM to manage SMO data Protection with QSM instead of VSM ?



From the SMO Administration Guide I know we can protect an Oracle DB using DPM for the scheduling and backup policies.
I know we support that for both Volume SnapMirror and SnapVault (which is qtree based). What I can't find is whether we can support protecting the data using QSM ?

The reason behind the question is that I want to use the DR copy with FlexClone for Dev / Test and this will occupy the snapshot for the duration of the test (months...)
If I use VSM I need to keep this snapshot on the production system as well, and that's a LOT of tier-1 capacity to waste just to save capacity on my DR storage system (which is lkind of tier-2 with its 10K RPM disks...)

Thanks !!

Eran B



Hi Eran,

If u select any kind of backup policy, Protection Manager will be default use QSM - so i think this is what you are looking for.  Here are more details:

By default, Protection Manager analyzes the protection policy, available resources, and licenses on the storage systems to determine whether it can create Qtree SnapMirror relationships. If Qtree SnapMirror is not feasible, it uses SnapVault relationships instead. This behavior can be changed using this CLI command:

dfm option set pmQSMBackupPreferred=No

In this case, Protection Manager will try first to use SnapVault relationships, and only if it can't will it use Qtree SnapMirror relationships (if licensed).

If the schedule specifies that the data is to be backed up more frequently than once per hour, then Protection Manager must create a Qtree SnapMirror relationship regardless of this option.

If the source qtree contains a space in its name, Protection Manager will try to create only SnapVault relationships regardless of the option.

If the source data is an Open Systems directory, the relationship must be Open Systems SnapVault.