Data Backup and Recovery

VMware, SnapProtect and NFS datastores


In a virtualization environment we are using Netapp storage provisioning VMware datastores over NFS. Each ESXi hypervisor has a management NIC with an IP and a corresponding DNS host entry. These are the host names managed by Virtual Center.


Since we are using NFS, each ESXi hypervisor has another NIC (team) for the actual datastore traffic on another VLAN.

When using SnapProtect the snapshot as such works, but during the indexing phase process seem to want to mount the snapshot on the proxy ESXi's management NIC, but this NIC will not be able to mount the snapshot since the actual NFS exports are on another VLAN.

How can I tune SnapProtect and configure it to use a specific NIC/IP/Hostname to mount the snapshots? Although I've not tested it, I imaging an iSCSI datastore would have the same issue.



In order to perform the index the VSA has to have access to the network that the storage network is on. Best practice is to make your storage network non-routeable so you'll need to give your VSA access to that VLAN. If your VSA is virtual then just add a another adapter on the same vlan as your NFS datstore.


Also, if you aren't on cdot then you need to make sure that the NFS IP's on the array have been added to array management. If you are on cdot then everything in array mgmt can be managed through the vserver mgmt IP or the cluster mgmt ip.