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Volume and LUN size mismatch



I have multiple luns presented to a Windows 2008 R2 standard server via iSCSi. Data has been written and deleted successfully to these luns for months and the problem I have is a major differance in the available space between the OS and the lun / volumes within system manager v2.0.

For Example: Drive on server shows 1Tb free space / luns within system manager shows 1Tb free space / volume in system manager shows 200Gb free space. I need to resize this vol by -500Gb and I can't because it thinks there is only 200Gb free plus I'm cautious that the vol will go offline as the OS thinks it has buckets of space free!

2 snap shots created totalling 100Gb and the fractional reserve is set to 0% and no snap reserve (yet)

I have run a space reclaimer using snap manager but this only balances the sizes between OS and sys manager luns. ON TAP version 8.0.1 P4......any ideas or comments appreciated.





If you run space reclamation after creating snapshot, all your freed space is locked in snapshot.

show output of "df -h" and "df -rh" for volume in question as well as "lun show /your/lun/on/this/volume"


Thanks for the response. The total size of the snap shots is 100Gb and I have deleted them so free space is now 300Gb on the volume.


Filesystem               total       used      avail capacity  Mounted on

/vol/vol0/                12GB     2556MB     9731MB      21%  /vol/vol0/

/vol/vol0/.snapshot     3072MB        0TB     3072MB       0%  /vol/vol0/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/       15GB    10226MB     5133MB      67%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB     ---%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/     1536GB     1229GB      306GB      80%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB     ---%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/      209GB      165GB       43GB      79%  /vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/

/vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/.snapshot        0GB       34GB        0GB     ---%  /vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/      391GB      250GB      140GB      64%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/.snapshot        0MB      311MB        0MB     ---%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/     9420MB       54MB     9366MB       1%  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/.snapshot      819MB       52MB      766MB       6%  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/     1288GB     1131GB      157GB      88%  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/.snapshot      175GB      102GB       72GB      59%  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/       70GB       47GB       23GB      67%  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/.snapshot     4608MB      316MB     4291MB       7%  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/       57GB       50GB     7749MB      87%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB     ---%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/       60GB       51GB     9171MB      85%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB     ---%  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/.snapshot

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/      209GB      131GB       77GB      63%  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/.snapshot        0MB       11MB        0MB     ---%  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/.snapshot

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/      209GB      131GB       77GB      63%  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/.snapshot        0MB       20MB        0MB     ---%  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/.snapshot


Filesystem               total       used      avail   reserved  Mounted on

/vol/vol0/                12GB     2547MB     9740MB        0MB  /vol/vol0/

/vol/vol0/.snapshot     3072MB        0TB     3072MB        0MB  /vol/vol0/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/       15GB    10226MB     5133MB        0MB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB        0TB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_sysdb/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/     1536GB     1229GB      306GB        0GB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB        0TB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/      209GB      165GB       43GB        0GB  /vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/

/vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/.snapshot        0GB       34GB        0GB        0GB  /vol/vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/      391GB      250GB      140GB        0GB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/.snapshot        0MB      311MB        0MB        0MB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_snapinfo/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/     9420MB       54MB     9366MB        0MB  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/.snapshot      819MB       52MB      766MB        0MB  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_vfiler_root/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/     1288GB     1131GB      157GB        0GB  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/.snapshot      175GB      102GB       72GB        0GB  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_cifs_data/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/       70GB       47GB       23GB        0GB  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/

/vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/.snapshot     4608MB      316MB     4291MB        0MB  /vol/vol_igdc01uk_users_data/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/       57GB       50GB     7749MB        0MB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB        0TB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_dba/.snapshot

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/       60GB       51GB     9171MB        0MB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/.snapshot        0TB        0TB        0TB        0TB  /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_tempdb/.snapshot

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/      209GB      131GB       77GB        0GB  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/.snapshot        0MB       11MB        0MB        0MB  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_0/.snapshot

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/      209GB      131GB       77GB        0GB  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/

/vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/.snapshot        0MB       20MB        0MB        0MB  /vol/sdw_cl_vol_igsq12uk_sql_logs_1/.snapshot

lun show /vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/igsq11uk_sql_userdb

/vol/vol_igsq11uk_sql_userdb/igsq11uk_sql_userdb    1.2t (1319540544000) (r/w, online, mapped)




here we talk about the same probleme. snapdrive and spacereclaimend...



Thanks Jakob,

The combination of space reclaim within snap drive and reallocate start -f [vol name] seems to have balanced it all out.