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What is the real added value of using SnapCreator with SM SQL?


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A customer with AlwaysON MSSQL db's is going to use SnapManager for SQL, but because they're using SC for backing up Oracle db's, they want us to use SC as a scheduler for their SMSQL backups as well. When combining SC and SMSQL, is SC just a "SPOG" scheduler as I understand it, just used as a central repository for backup jobs ultimately calling SMSQL via PS scripts, or can it be used with higher added value than this? More specifically, can it be used for restores as well (how)? Does it allow the bypassing of OCUM for snapvaulting SMSQL backups (the customer is using 7mode only) and restores from secondary? What about SQL clones using SC instead of the SMSQL gui? I'd be happy to receive some clarifications on those topics that are still confusing to me.


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Basically today the value of using the SMSQL or SME plugins is essentially just the centrally scheduling (or SPOG) as you mention.

This is primarily a benefot for backup and monitoring - the SMSQL and SME plugins just use PowerShell commandlets to call the SnapManager product.

The backups actually happen through SnapManager - Snap Creator essentially acts as a scheduling engine.


We have a long term solution for this on our roadmap - more details will be available as we can share them.






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