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clone does not exist cannot remove job snpshot from snapcenter


 in the past we need to restore some vm. restore was working without problems. after that i can remember fey days after restore my co worker found on netapp a clone. and then he unmount the clone and delete them.

 Today i found on snapcenter with smbackupjobs that a job is in database. i wanted to remove the snapshoots. but i get a error that snapshot is mounted so i cannot remove it.

i check all my volumes and found a snapshoot on one volume i delete it from netapp without any problems.

but when i want to remove snapshoot again from snapcenter i get the same error, that snapshoot is mounted. Also when i try a restore i see this snapshoots under primary snapsoots and mounted yes.

i also try
New-SmUnmountBackup -BackupName ower powershell i get a error cloen does not exist.


any ideaa how to remove the job from snapcenter db?




Hy Greg,

did You finally solve the problem? I've the same issue right now with en obsolete clone resource, I was not able to remove it by powershell, as the corresponding clone volumes are already removed from Storage.


Anyone any idea?