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hourly schedules and upgrading from 4.1 to 4.1p1



It would appear that after upgrading from Snap Creator 4.1 to 4.1p1, all hourly schedules that were not running correctly

(I believe due to bug 805658, going from the list of bugs fixed in 4.1p1) are still running at the wrong moments and must

be recreated. Is this correct ?

Is there any way to export the scheduled jobs in a format that allows them/an individual job to be re-imported after an SC

upgrade ?

FYI when upgrading from 4.1 to 4.1p1, no "java -jar snapcreator.jar -upgrade" needs to be run (when you run it, you get errors

and the schedules tab is empty in the Snap Creator GUI).

In this case

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There is not a way to export the schedules today - the schedules are kept in a derby database and there are no tools to manage the entries.

I brought this upgrade issue up to the dev team yesterday and we're going to see if we can reproduce it in our lab and figure out how to resolve it.

Did you open a case by chance?

If so can you please provide the case number?

If not we may request logs and additional info (If you opened a case the support team will gather).

You can email me at spinks (dot) netapp. c o m if you don't want to list the case info here.




Hi John, I did not open a case. The schedules have actually been recreated so I don't know if we can still get anything useful from the servers...

Wrt. exporting and importing schedules. Apart from upgrade scenarios, we are also thinking of a scenarios where we have a SC server managing our customers' cloud based backups and where we want to have a standby SC server in case something happens to the primary SC server. In that scenario, exporting/importing schedules would be very useful.

Or is it safe to just copy the database directory even when the SC server service is running ?

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Hi Filip,

1) Are the hourly schedules working for you now ?

2) Are you still seeing the upgrade issue now ?