Data Backup and Recovery

single file restore does not correctly preserve file attributes


I have been testing restoring files from snapshots


offline (O) and Sparse (P) flags are not being correctly restored when bringing individual files out from the snapshot


When restoring an entire volume all flags are correctly restored, however when restoring an individual file, either via command line "volume snapshot restore-file..." or using a cifs share to access the ~snapshot directory the 'O' and 'P' flags are lost.


NDMPCOPY also has the same problem when copying files (even when no snapshot is involved)


losing the Offline flag means our application no longer functions as expected and losing the Sparse flag means that we are taking up a lot more space on the disk than is required.


I have tried to open a technical case through the website (Netapp Log# 2006955886) but as we are testing against the Simulators we do not have a serial number to attach to the issue so it doesn't seem to be getting accepted.


We have mainly been testing against ONTAP91, but this issue seems to be present in all cluster mode versions.


Is there a solution to get the restore file to correctly respect the file attributes or can this be lodged as a bug?