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snapcreator mount commad question.



We are trying to use the snapcreator -- action mount command.

This depends on the following setting in the configuration file:


If it is as above it will only create an export with the options -sec=sys,rw,root=hostname

If i change it to:


This will similarly create an export only with the options -sec=sys,rw=hostname,root

I want it to create an export with ideally netgroups for both.

Like: -sec=sys,rw=@netgroup1,root=@netgroup2


If not netgroup then atleast with hostnames on both.

Is this possible?

Perhaps I am missing something obvious?

Regards Magnus



Hi Magnus,

Today in SC hostname could only be set to one thing. We never tested netgroups but setting NTAP_NFS_EXPORT_HOST=@netgroup should work.

Please let us know if netgroup works? The other option is multiple hostnames which wont work since again NTAP_NFS_EXPORT_HOST can only be one thing.




The big issue for us is to be able to set both root and rw rights in the exports simultaneously though. with or without netgroup.

so the export looks like this in the vfiler:

/vol/volume -sec=sys,rw=hostname,root=hostname



Ah ok yeah unfortunately SC is a bit limited here we can only set one permission type and one host or netgroup.

Of course if you have above root=hostname then you really dont need rw=hostname. Root gives you full permissions.



Well that is not what we saw.

Without rw=hostname we could mount the NFS share but we got access-denied on everything in the share.

with only rw=hostname root was not allowed to mount the NFS share at all.

With both root=hostname and rw=hostname manually added end re-exported it worked fine.

This is why I ask.

I believe this is because all directorys and files in the share is not owned by root and the access settings are set very strict. Only owner are allowed to rwx.

Anyway: I have got my answer which is it cant be done then.

We have to find some work-around.

Would you consider for future version to add the possibilty to use both read-write and root simultaneously for export of flexclone?

Also I find it a bit disturbing that --action clone_del deletes ALL clones without asking.

If i have several clones I would like to be able to choose which to remove.

Or at least be warned that this is what happens.

Regards Magnus