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can the experts help me on: (new to SP)

1. Documentation on snapprotect CLI.

2. Architecture of snapprotect (not admin or installation guide)

3. Scenario: vfilers are present in different network (zones and sub zones) vlans that are not routed and need to pass through the firewall if they need to. We have only 2 media agents. Where to place the media agents so that it communicates to the vfilers seamlessly.



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The SnapProtect documentation on the CommVault site is quite extensive. As it is a branded version of the same product, configuration and CLI are the same, although streaming backup options are not possible with the NetApp version.

I'm assuming your using v10 but you can google for the v9 links; links below:

Main documentation online:

Extensive CLI documentation:

Basically download the .xml files and specify them when running the commands listed in documentation.

You can use vFiler tunnelling so SnapProtect can use vFiler0 to get to the non-routed vfiler. Look up the setting in documentation, and in the Array Configuration. Although it may change if the client can contact the storage controller.

If you are using the VSA (VMware) you may want to have an interface on both a routed network (main network), and an interface on the vfiler-data-network. It can make firewall configuration easier. This VSA can also be a media agent for VMware.

Note when restoring, a streaming restore is performed by default for many client types. In Advanced tick "Use Hardware Acceleration" when performing a restore if you want to use snap restore or single file snap restore.

If you're interested in command line or automation, you may be interested in a SnapProtect pack for WFA I've created which can backup and restore some client types, and can be updated to automate other tasks. You can find it here:

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I noticed the link to the pack doesn't work.  any chance someone can point me at the SnapProtect pack for WFA.  i'd like to look at it.




Concerning vFilers be aware that vFilers which have a vFiler-DR cannot be protected using Auxiliary Copy as both vFiler and vFiler-DR have the same name in DFM




SnapProtect v10 CLI information is available here.

and the QCommands are documented here: