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solved: snapcreatore 4.3.1 agent Changing IP address


I've installed scAgent 4.3.1 on a linux based db2 host for doing some snapshot tests. Now the host is going from test to productive state and so it's "System IP" adress (for communicating towards the sc-server) ist going to change as well.

As the IP adress was provided at the initial scAgent setup, how is the syntax of changing the IP now?


scagent help is not that detailed:

./snapcreator --h
Option help requires an argument
Usage: ./snapcreator --server <IP> --port <Port> --user <User> --passwd <Passwd> --profile <Profile> --config <Config> --action <Action> --policy <Policy> <Optional Arguments>


Or do I just have to run the ./snapcreatore --setup again?


Question answered:

The Host-IP given at agent-installation can be changed simply at sc-Server side:

configuration-->configure profile-->Tab "agent": 

edit IP/ADNS entry

save config


...damned easy....