Data Backup and Recovery

(the future of... ) SnapCenter 4.8.x and community plugins


We're running 2 SnapCenter Servers hosting approx. 420 hosts.
So having snapcenter we're actually snapping 

89 ASE Databases

43 DB2 Databases

255 Oracle Databases

94 HANA Tenants

and 36 MAXDB Databases

so we have a very great interest in getting the community plugins supported furtheron
Is there any kind of member-group, NetApp Staff, nerd, freak or other intelligent individual working on or willing to continue updating or invest time into this community plugins or are we just riding dead horses?
I mean, I could live with dropping db2 sooner or later, as we're mostly backing up SAP-related Databases and SAP is squeezing out of support all but HANA and sybase (don't know what about MAXDB) but at least this will take some time.

I'm not a programmer but i could participate and eventually test Plugins at our Test-plant, in order to get productiv results.

To hear that NetApp is not supporting this community Plugins (even though it's not verified) is a nightmare for me.