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A way to schedule backups of the database

Does anyone know if I can schedule the backup of the database, inculding the application insight information.

I would ideally like it to occur nightly.  I can't rely on someone to manually kick off a backup and I don't want to use phone home.

I want the DB in a flat file format so its easy to restore from, using a backup agent is not something we want to have to use.


Re: A way to schedule backups of the database


This script can generate a backup routine.

What does it do?

It cleans out the ..\sanscreen\backup\data\ folder from the last invocation

It does some registry backups of the service parameters - this is key for non standard port configurations, tweaks to deal with dual homed servers, etc.

It backs up the MySQL my.cnf config file - again, to save any customizations

Finally, it does a mysqldump of the database - it will generate a big honking .sql dump of the database - this will be a consistent backup

So, what you can do it script this to run, and have your backup software only backup the ..\sanscreen\backup\data folder

The restore script in this folder is for a bare metal restore. Restoring the sql dump with the restore script requires restoring to the same SANscreen version - you cannot restore a 5.1.3 .sql to a 5.1.4 install - you will be restoring the sql at the mysql layer, so it will work, but SANscreen will be mystified to start up, and see a 5.1.3 schema when it is expecting 5.1.4 (this is an example - I don't know if the schema changed, but the point is that this is absolutely unsupported)

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