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EMC Unity reporting compression in OCI?

For EMC Unity 300/400 models with compression enabled on storage pool - is OCI capable of reporting either; 

- achieved compression in % of storage pool allocated

- consumed volumes after compression





Re: EMC Unity reporting compression in OCI?

Hey Gaute,


You didn't flag your post with the "Insight" label, so I didn't get an email notification about this post - a lot of the OCI people are only "following" the Insight label


OCI is going to run


"C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\Unisphere CLI\uemcli.exe" -d -u OCI -p OCIisSweet! -sslPolicy accept /stor/config/pool  show -detail


And report for each storage pool what the compression savings are


OCI is not reporting per individual volume compression savings - generally speaking, traditional storage arrays' per volume compression features have not been adopted by users, and OCI doesn't report per volume compression as a result. Most all flash arrays have pervasive, always on compression, and OCI tends to capture those arrays' compression at the storage pool level.



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