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Monitor FCP interface?

I'm running OnCommand 5 and would like to know if I can monitor my FCP interfaces for link down conditions (pulled fiber cable, broken cable, etc) Is there a way to have an alarm generated for this condition?


Re: Monitor FCP interface?

Are you worried about host facing target ports, or disk shelf facing initiators? If it is host facing, you may want to look at OnCommand Insight Assure for its heterogeneous fc switch support - it can alarm on broken/non redundant paths, among other use cases

Re: Monitor FCP interface?

We are looking at monitoring the host facing fiber ports. I would have thought that OnCommand would have the capability to look for "link down" type of conditions on the FCP interfaces.

Re: Monitor FCP interface?

Please open a support case and have it added RFE 387647.  It was filed to add the ability to generate an event for "link break detected" which would allow alarm generation.