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NSM (System Manager) Snap Mirror management

First let me say cudos to all those who have worked to bring NSM to the customer!!! The tool is so great for a v1.0 I am very impressed. There are a couple of questions that one of my clients brought up and the main complaint currently is lack of snapmirror configuration. Any know of an ETA on more advanced features or some kind of timeline?

The other 2 concerns or thoughts brought up are

  • SAN configurations they suggested being able to change the lun id instead of being a default lowest number configuration.
  • Not disabling snapshot reserve on SAN based luns (just a best practices warning)

Anyone else with thoughts?


Re: NSM (System Manager) Snap Mirror management

THanks for the RFE's. I will add it to the list. Currently we are looking into the next release and until Phase 2 cannot commit to timelines.

Re: NSM (System Manager) Snap Mirror management

For what it's worth, the last part of this post does note some missing items.... (stuff they're planning on but didn't make it into 1.0)