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OCI 7.1.1 VPLEX performance and VMAX latency



We have now updated our OCI environment to 7.1.1 and we saw, that it is now possible to get the performance data from the VPLEX and the latencies from a VMAX.


VPLEX performance:

In the options of the VPLEX data source there are new fields to insert:

- Performance Remote IP Address of VPLEX Management Console

- Performance Remote User Name

- Performance Remote Password


I could not find anything about this fields in the documentation of the VPLEX and OCI.



Is there a documentation for connecting Unisphere with the SMI-S Provider?





Re: OCI 7.1.1 VPLEX performance and VMAX latency

Hey Matthias,


For Vplex performance, we are SSHing to the management stations to retrieve via SCP protocol performance archive files that the management station *should* automatically generate on Vplex 5.3 and higher firmware.


Please not the emphasis on "should" - we have seen some cases where customers will need to contact EMC because this is not happening as expected.


Currently, the OCI Vplex datasource will discover from an inventory standpoint 1 or 2 Vplex clusters, depending upon whether they are not, or are, in a geo/metro cluster relationship. While we can discover both clusters from one management station, we need to retrieve the performance files from the "local" management station for each cluster.


There, the final version of the .xml that controls the datasource parameters and exposes options to end users has 2 sets of fields for management stations and credentials



Vmax - I don't have any hands on time setting up that config. EMC Solutions Enabler + SMI-S has a testsmiprovider CLI tool - within it :


Active - get you to the "Active Controls" menu

reg - "Add Statistics Access Point"


I don't know what you will see here by default. The screenshot I have shows an IP address for host ID, usage of port 8443, and a username listed.


I will ask around for more thoughts on this



Re: OCI 7.1.1 VPLEX performance and VMAX latency

Hey Matt,


Thank you for your quick response.

I think I now get it ;-). I have to fix another issue with the second management station and than it should work.


If you get some further information for the VMAX would be great. I also will ask our EMC contact for further information.




Re: OCI 7.1.1 VPLEX performance and VMAX latency

Hello Matt,


Did you get any information to the EMC VMAX latency point from your colleagues?

I talked to our EMC contact and he had no idea how to connect the SMI-S with Unisphere / Solution Enabler




Re: OCI 7.1.1 VPLEX performance and VMAX latency

Hey Mathias,


The "EMC SMI-S Provider" Programmers guide has steps on "rated statistics", and how to perform the linkage between Unisphere and the EMC Solutions Enabler SMI-S provider



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Re: OCI 7.1.1 VPLEX performance and VMAX latency

Hi Matt,


Thank you for the information.

I added this connection last week and first it did not work.

Since this weekend, I think tehre was a patch related reboot, it works and I can see the VMAX latency.




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