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Update on NetApp Harvest (2.0 & 1.7)

Dear all,


It has been a while, here is finally some news about NetApp Harvest.



- We are planning Harvest 2.0 alpha-test release in around a month

- Simultaneously, we will do a (probably last) legacy release, Harvest 1.7, in August.


Harvest 2.0

Things have been going a bit slower than we expected, but we made a lot of progress. As announced earlier, we've changed the whole architecture to meet two goals that are often regarded as disjoint in software engineering: high performance and high flexibility. Flexibility mainly means that it will be much easier to integrate Harvest to any system that you want to monitor (including but not limited to Ontap systems). It will be also relatively easier to feed metrics into new databases. Out of the box, we will support Prometheus. Graphite will be supported as well, but with some limitations (since Graphite only accepts numerical data).


Screenshot from 2020-06-25 15-21-52_.png


Before we plan on the official release of Harvest 2.0, we want to do an alpha-test release for users who want to "play around" with the new software and give us feedback. Tentatively we want to do this release late July or early August (once we decide the final date, I'll post an update here).


If you are interested to get the alpha release, please send me a message with your name, email address and organization. But please note the following:

- this will be a strictly test release, not intended for production

- Harvest 2.0 requires Linux + Python3 and optionally pip to install dependencies,

- supports only CDOT systems, 7 mode will come later

- gives you approximately the same set of counters as Harvest 1.6 + extensions

- for capacity counters there is no need for OCUM/ActiveIQUM anymore

- collected counters can be sent to Prometheus or Graphite or both, but:

- there will be limited number of Grafana dashboards ready and only for Prometheus (but of course, you can create your dashboards if wished)

- Harvest 2.0 includes a self-monitoring collector, so you can see how much CPU/RAM it uses and compare to Harvest 1.6

- it will come with a developer's documentation for writing your own collectors and exporters.


If you want to test the new package, we appreciate that a lot, since feedback at this point can help us incredibly.

If you want to wait for the official (stable) release, just keep tuned. We will keep you updated as soon as we have a release date on the horizon.


Harvest 1.7

This will probably be our last legacy release which we are planning to do in August. It will mainly include bug fixes and no new major features.


Lastly, again, I need to apologize for not responding to many messages here in communities. I will try to catch up, but if you don't get a response to your issue, please DM or tag me (probably again -- sorry).






Re: Update on NetApp Harvest (2.0 & 1.7)

Is StorageGRID support coming later as well?


Re: Update on NetApp Harvest (2.0 & 1.7)

yes, and I think we won't need to write a collector from scratch, we can probably just use existing tools (e.g. as an extension or plugin.


Re: Update on NetApp Harvest (2.0 & 1.7)

Will there be a builtin option to show events on graphs?

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