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To all,

    I am VERY new to using NetApp. I have  only been working with NetApp going on three months, so please bear with me. This is the first of two problems that I am experiencing. Here we go....Everytime I try to use the "Use Command Line" tool, a connection opens without a prompt for me to enter any commands. After about a minute or so, Syslog messages start to pop up. I don't have the slightest idea how to fix this. I need to be able to use my command line tool. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.




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I guess I am missing something.  What is "Use Command Line" tool?

If you want to just login to the filer, just use telnet or ssh with the "root" user (at least to start with).

Please add some additional information so that we don't have to guess at what you mean.

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Thanks for everyone's assistance on this matter. When my account was created, my local account instead of my domain admin account was given permissions. So to make a long story short, it was a permissions problem 

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As was mentioned above, you really want to a use a terminal emulator and connect over telnet/rsh/ssh to use the command line.  The tool in FilerView is Java based so doesn't allow a lot of customization like increasing font size or the scroll buffer.  Tera Term Pro and Putty are the two most recommended emulators.  The attached document focuses on storage administration from the CLI.

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Do you know where we can download future revisions to the Data ONTAP Cook Book.  I just happened to search the web for "netapp rightsize" and came across the cook book, which looks very useful.  Didn't know one from NetApp existed.  Thanks.


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Thanks Dan,

I maintain the Cook Book and always send the latest the Net2 team.  The Net2 tool is the best resource for procedural documentation.

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Thanks for the quick response.  I'm just a peon (customer) who doesn't have access to the NetApp Technet site nor the partner site.  Something like the cook book appears to be very useful for customers too and I recommend somehow making it available on the NOW site.  BTW is 3.1 the latest version?  If not, can you post it in the community forums just like you did for v3.1.

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D'oh.  I read one of the earlier responses and thought you were the new NetApp employee.   I also post updates to this website.  If you do a search for my name it should bring up all the documents I have posted.  Most everything I write is available for customer use.

version 3.1 is the latest.  Been waiting for ONTAP 8.1 to come out with new features and commands for the next big update.

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Thanks Michael.  I'll search the communities for future updates to the Cook Book.