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add new disks


We added new shelf and new disks were detected but I cannot create aggregate from system Manager. What I'm missing?


Re: add new disks

those disks belong to the partner controller so you need to create the aggregate from there.

Re: add new disks

Sorry that are not disks what I was looking for. I have 24 SAS ones and console says UNOWNED. How configure owner of disks? Can I have both controllers for HA not just one owner? What state should show in case of both controllers have access to it? Data?

Re: add new disks

disk assign all should be enough right?

Re: add new disks

Run disk show –n beforehand to make sure that the only unassigned disks

are the new ones.

Then once your happy run disk assign all as you stated, just make sure

you run it form the controller you want to own the disks.

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disk assign all should be enough right?

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Re: add new disks

Thanks guys all done and running.

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