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event 'trigger' definitions? snmp/dfm/opsmngr

I'm having trouble finding the definition of the event triggers in DFM/OpsMngr?  Specifically I'm looking for the definition of the event trigger for the 'interface-status:down'.  


Rick Stading


Re: event 'trigger' definitions? snmp/dfm/opsmngr

perhaps I need to clarify, we are at a customer site, they are considering alerting on the "interface-status:down / Error / if.adminStatus".  I can't tell them if it will pick up every interface that is not 'up', or, as it has been argued, that it will only pick up an interface that was previously configured and been brought 'up' but is - at that moment - down.  Any guidance is appreciated.



Re: event 'trigger' definitions? snmp/dfm/opsmngr

All the interfaces that are available on the storage system would be discovered when you add storage systems to Operations Manager.

Ex: During discovery, for every interface, one of below events would get generated:

interface-status:down                         Error        if.adminStatus
interface-status:testing                      Normal       if.adminStatus
interface-status:unknown                      Normal       if.adminStatus
interface-status:up                           Normal       if.adminStatus

After that, the interfaces would be monitored continuously.  The counter events would get generated only when there is a change.

Say, for an example you have an interface e0a on filerA.

Case A:

If this interface is down, during discovery you will get interface-status:down event generated. In future, if this interface gets up,  the counter event interface-status:up would be generated.

Case B:

If this interface is up, you will get interface-status:up event generated during discovery. In future, if this interface gets down, the counter event interface-status:down would get generated.



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