Accessing Snapshot


I backup exchange snapshots using NetBackup via NDMP.  I have restored a snapshot backup and I am left with a .lun file.  How do I access the .lun file in order to use SMBR?  I am sure this is easy but I'm new and can't figure it out.



Re: Accessing Snapshot

You would need to assign the lun to a server in order to access the content.

Re: Accessing Snapshot

Is there any document that explains how to connect a .lun file to a server.  I am sure it is don via snapdrive but I am having trouble getting it to work.

Thanks so much for responding.

Re: Accessing Snapshot

Re: Accessing Snapshot

Yes, Thank you!  Apparently I was restoring the snapshot wrong so I was not able to connect the lun in snapdrive.  Thanks!