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CDOT Edge Eval aggregate create error


My customer is evaluating edge and get's this error.

What goes wrong?


vf-ams-cmod01::> aggr create -aggregate agg02 -diskcount 1

[Job 75] Job is queued: Create agg02.


Error: command failed: [Job 75] Job failed: Failed to create aggregate agg02 on

       vf-ams-cmod01-01. Reason: Cannot perform the operation because the

       maximum capacity for this system type would be exceeded.



vf-ams-cmod01::system license> show


Serial Number: 1-80-000023

Owner: vf-ams-cmod01

Package Type Description Expiration

----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------

Base license Cluster Base License  -


Serial Number: 1-81-0000000000000000000000023

Owner: none

Package Type Description Expiration

----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------

NFS license NFS License -

CIFS license CIFS License          -

iSCSI license iSCSI License         -

SnapRestore       license SnapRestore License   -

SnapMirror        license SnapMirror License    -

FlexClone license FlexClone License     -

SnapVault license SnapVault License     -

8 entries were displayed.



vf-ams-cmod01::system license> aggr show

Aggregate     Size Available Used% State   #Vols Nodes            RAID Status

--------- -------- --------- ----- ------- ------ ---------------- ------------

agg01 44.27GB    3.02GB   93% online       3 vf-ams-cmod01-01 raid0,


aggr0 47.82GB    2.65GB   94% online       1 vf-ams-cmod01-01 raid0,


2 entries were displayed.


vf-ams-cmod01::system license> disk show

Usable Container

Disk Size Shelf Bay Type        Position Aggregate Owner

---------------- ---------- ----- --- ----------- ---------- --------- --------


53.15GB     -   - aggregate data       aggr0 vf-ams-cmod01-01


49.21GB     -   - aggregate data       agg01 vf-ams-cmod01-01


1000.0GB     -   - spare       present -         vf-ams-cmod01-01


1000.0GB     -   - spare       present -         vf-ams-cmod01-01

4 entries were displayed.


Re: CDOT Edge Eval aggregate create error

It's probably DOvM20

Can you post: system node run -node local sysconfig -av

You are already exceeding the attached disk capacity limit for the evaluation models.  If you remove one of the 1tb spares from the system the command will likely succeed. 

Re: CDOT Edge Eval aggregate create error

What is the max capacity for the eval version ?

Re: CDOT Edge Eval aggregate create error

2TB raw.