Disk shelf replacement

Hello ,

I want to remove the disk shelf from fas3020c and place on fas3050c.

what are the things i need to take into consideration before replacement and if possible please share me any document for replacing.



Re: Disk shelf replacement


here is a doc. stating useful info:

You can hot ADD a shelf on the NEW controller.

so prepare for downtime when you remove the shelf, but not when you add. Having said this its always safer to power down and add.


Re: Disk shelf replacement

Navin, on FAS3000 series filers, have a look if you are using software or disk based ownership. also make sure to have the same raid lables, eg. go from a ontap 7.2.x filer to a 7.2.x filer causes no trouble but moving the shelf from a 7.3.x to a 7.2.x might give you a small headache ;-)