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Re: Disk unpartition failed

I had the same issue in 9.1 GA. Only RC1 worked FYI.

Re: Disk unpartition failed

Agreed, I was only able to get 9.1 RC1 to work properly... GA and P1 gave me fits.

Re: Disk unpartition failed

The BURT is detailed in, along with a bootloader recommendation to workaround

Re: Disk unpartition failed

Just stumbled upon this thread.


The bug is fixed in 9.1P2, which was released just days ago.




edit: I've just successfully removed ADP from some disks in order to move them to another cluster.

Workflow was something like this:

  • "system node migrate-root" to spare disks (they need to be zeroed or will be zeroed - takes some time)
  • "system node run -node xxx -command disk unpartition xx.xx.xx"
  • "disk zerospares"
  • "disk removeowner xx.xx.xx"