Effects when moving luns to a qtree?

We have a number luns for SQL and Oracle databases which are soon to be SnapVaulted to a secondary filer for backup/dr purposes. Tape backups will then be performed on the secondary filer when fully operational. The luns in question currently don't exist within a qtree on the primary filer and obviously this needs to change for the SnapVaults to work.

I am now planning to create a bunch of qtrees and move each lun (lun move command) to its corresponding qtree. I understand this is a non disruptive process but was hoping people could share their experiences.

Also, when creating the qtree is it advised to disable oplocks as the luns that occupy these qtrees will be used for SQL and Oracle databases? I have been reading conflicting reports about this and the last thing I want is to cause performance problems on our databases.

I'm new to NetApp so go easy on me if this is a basic question.


Re: Effects when moving luns to a qtree?

Have done this numerous times with no issues.  Had to do this on hundreds of LUNs when we migrated to ONTAP 8.0 (before there was a way to convert existing 32 bit aggregates to 64 bit aggregates).

It's just changing the logical path of the LUN in the flexvol and doesn't alter the LUN in any way.