Entry level Brocade Encryption Switch?


Is there any plans to introduce an entry level Brocade Encryption Switch?

I like the technology but there is quite a price jump if you go from an entry level DataFort FC510 solution (i.e. a cluster) to a pair of Brocade Encryption Switches.

I know you can encrypt on all 32 ports and the encryption switch would work out significantly cheaper in comparison to 32 DataForts but assuming you only need to encrypt a select number of hosts?

I was thinking more along the lines of the Brocade 300 switches with the ability to encrypt and only encrypt a proportion of those ports (may be 4 ports)?



Re: Entry level Brocade Encryption Switch?

H Philip,

We do provide the entry level configuration starting at 48Gbps of encryption processing. Compare to what is availalbe in the industry today the base configuration provides an order of magnitud of performance for a comparable price for what you will pay to get up to 48Gbps with multiple devices.

We have received some requests for a lower performing device maybe a 1U up to 24-32 Gbps but it is not currently on the roadmap.  We are compiling the customer requests and will evaluate the options moving forward.

Thanks for your feedback.