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FAS2020 won't boot


Got a FAS2020 here and i've just added the licenses, which included the CLUSTER license. Said I had to reboot to enable cluster mode now none of the controllers are fully booting.

If I putty into them while rebooting, I don't get a <hostname> > prompt, but just have >. In this 'mode' I cannot ping to or from the filer.

Any ideas?

FAS2020 won't boot

Can you make a console connection and capture the output from the boot sequence? Can you interrupt boot with ctrl/c and choose option 5 for Maintenance Mode Boot? If so then you can confirm all disks are visible and aggregates/volumes are online.

FAS2020 won't boot

Sounds like you got a "fresh" ontap situation there... This can happen when there is no Ontap installed in vol0 and the system is rebooted before running "software setup".

when boot without hostname, run "setup", then software install, then reboot, finished.


FAS2020 won't boot

OK I'd say console cable is 100% the way forward on this one. What it may be is that the NVRAM battery is too low to retain data for 72hrs, if this is the case the system will refrain from booting until it is charged; if this is the case a notification will be shown on the console screen when connected via the serial cable, when it is shown use CTRL-C to bypass this warning and boot the controller.

** You may need to power off and on once connected via serial cable to get it to output** Baud 9600 8 bits no flow control

It may also be that the controllers have shutdown and it is waiting at the BMC prompt, again, once connected via the serial cable type in "boot_ontap". This will load the OS.

If you can get a prompt when using the serial cable use the ifconfig -a command to check that the IP settings have not changed... I've seen that happen a few times.

Re: FAS2020 won't boot

Thanks guys, I will have a look today.

Jason, interesting you say about IP addresses, as when I booted into the console (via BMC) the interface had no IP addresses set and when I used the console the configure them I could ping them from outside the box, but when rebooting it lost them again?

Re: FAS2020 won't boot

Thanks Peter. This was the problem - running setup and going through the first power on setup again fixed the problem.

Do you know why entering license keys and then rebooting would have caused this?