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Please can anyone point me to any TR on Multistore vFiler best practices guide?



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This is an old paper but good information... even better I would read the MultiStore management guide in the ONTAP documentation.

MultiStore Management Guide (8.1 7-Mode)

Storage Virtualization and DR Using MultiStore (vFiler)

Lab on Demand also has the MultiStore labs Roger and I gave the last several NetApp Insight conferences...hands-on labs that guide you to become knowledgeable quickly on vFilers

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Thanks Scott. I have been able to get these guides except for the Hands on MultiStore Advanced Lab Guide. Link appears to be broken.

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Send me an email and I can send it to you. Lab on demand link may not be available to you

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Thanks. Sent you a private message.

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Hello.  I am also interested in the Hands on Multistore Advanced Management guide.   May I have a copy as well?



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Send me an email and I can forward later. My email is listed on my account when you click on it.

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sorry to reopen this old thread, but I need some information on how to best setup a vfiler.


I have a FAS3020c and one vfiler setup on each of the filers.

Their root is a qtree:


and I did create qtrees and volumes and assigned them to the vfilers. I just wonder which is better volume or qtree in terms of flexibility.

The root volume is 400gb size but only 22gb is used. Can I resize it without breaking the vfiler?

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Since it is a qtree it can use the entire volume space but you could set a qtree quota that would limit it. Prior to ontap 7 when we only had traditional volumes it made sense to assign qtrees to vfilers rather than throw 2-3 disks at a volume. With flexvols it is best practice to assign volumes to vfilers and not at the qtree level. The 3020 likely was on ontap 6.x and was a best practice this way we used for a qtree root to save space.

So you are not using the space. It is all available in the volume owned by vfiler0 but quotas would do what you are looking for. Root flexvols can be 20mb minimum but for vfilers we like to set to 10g minimum so resize doesn't occur with a vFiler data motion.